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  1. Gary Griswold's post in Draggable scrolling in Cordova/Phonegap was marked as the answer   
    Thanks.  The update() function call does help, and it seems that I need to do the Draggable create after I have added the starting content.  But there is still a problem that is caused by a weakness in Cordova.  It appears that Cordova is linked to the older (pre ios 8) UIWebView, not the new WKWebView.  So, even using Draggable with Cordova I get the pre iOS 8 behavior of no Javascript updates and no screen painting while the view UIWebKit is scrolling.  With this limitation in Cordova, I will not be able to add and remove content dynamically unless I wait till scrolling stops at the end of the viewport.
    The following link describes the problem with Cordova at the end of the writeup.  Thanks for your help.