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  1. That does not help. That solves. Thanks a lot !
  2. Also I see you canceled the "this" element, which was necessary in my project.
  3. Hello Jonathan, Thanks for the clear explanations about the autoAlpha, it solved the looping animation problem. However, I'm still not totally satisfied with the animation : If you hover quickly and a multiple times the animation, it will keep on being triggered even if the mouse is not over it anymore. Do you have any idea how to prevent that ?
  4. Here is the code. I want to have the image appearing with a sliding effect when the mouse is over it : http://codepen.io/anon/pen/JmnLe
  5. Of course, I understand. I'll try to clean the code an upload an example. Cheers !
  6. Hello everyone, I'm struggling to achieve the following sliding effect : When my mouse is over a box, I want that box to appear with a sliding effect. Right now I'm using TimelineLite, animating the "width" from 0 to 100px, as shown in the Jump start guide. The problem is I can't have the mouse over a 0px box... It works when I include this box in a div, I can now have the mouse over the div. BUT as soon as the box appears at 100px, the mouse isn't anymore over the div but over the box, resulting in an unwanted mouse out, looping the animation... Does anyone have got some suggestions to achieve this effect properly ? Thanks a lot !