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  1. Thank you for quick reply, thank you for welcome and mainly thank you for advices from both of you. I haven't seen the documentation properly yet :-\ god damn it... I saw the SlowMoEase but I didn't realize that this Ease has some parameters... So I'm sorry... I must read the documentation better for next time. Code be with you... ))
  2. Hi, firstly - many thanks for great GSAP suite. I'm using it for first time and that's really easy to set up. I have just one question about restart the animation/timeline. I have 2 timelines and both animate different element and that's just fine. Animation is good and if you refresh the page everything looks correct. But if you click on Repeat button animation starts in 0.5 seconds so you can't see, that text is not coming to content (to specific position - from 0% to x%) but appears in content (apperas in x%). I noticed that it relates to overlapping ( 4th parametr in method to() ) if I delete the overlapping (mine is "-=0.2") restart is fine but not the move of the text. It arrives from sides and stops (for a few miliseconds) and then continues correctly. But I need smooth move so I used the overlapping but it cause problem with restart... I created a demo on CodePen - http://codepen.io/anon/pen/tDGiz?editors=001 I dont know what to do with it and I would be thankful if you could help me. Thank you. P.S.: Sorry for my english :-\