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  1. FYI for anyone else having issues with Require and GSAP files, I just ran into an issue with Draggable even though I had defined it as a shim. If you simply add TweenMax as a dependency for Draggable it will fix the issue and Draggable will load through Require as expected. Hope that helps someone down the line
  2. Right you are Carl, thank you Also, are you on IM? This is Matt by the way, the guy who gave you and Jack the grunt intro.
  3. I'm playing with Draggable and trying to use scrollTop as the type but it's not working. If I remove the type it works fine (or set it to any other type except scrollLeft). Any ideas? http://jsfiddle.net/Krcd6/4/
  4. firstly, make sure your import statements are the top most thing in your code (above the stop action). the second import statement will import what the first imports as well, so you can take out the first import. secondly, make sure the paths to your buttons are correct. it could be a scope issue. P.S. i haven't used AS2 in over 2 years so I hope i'm not just forgetting something.
  5. you can add your listener to the stage, ala: stage.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_UP, myHandler);
  6. I think what Jack is trying to say is that your function's first parameter should be typed not as a String but rather a SplitTextField object. You are trying to pull the textFields from nameofthesplittextfieldvariable, which the string class doesn't have, its part of the SplitTextField class.
  7. That's great until the developers at Goldman-Sachs start publishing classes. i doubt goldman-sachs will be releasing code anytime soon. on top of that, if their developers were "in the know" they'd know there is already a pretty popular gs package flying around the earth
  8. Sebastian, That's hard to say, really. It depends on your development environments I guess. I use eclipse/FDT for flash development so all my paths to my code bank and stuff like that is saved in one preferences file which I can then load up on any machine. of course the problem with that is that the code bank has to sit in exactly the same spot on the new computer which isn't always the case, but luckily i develop on my laptop and have that with me when i go elsewhere so i don't have this issue. i guess for what you are doing that's the best way, its just a hassle to have to do it like that when you develop on one machine. alternatively, you could set up an SVN repository on google code for instance and connect to it from whatever computer you are on and grab the latest versions of your code bank, but i'm not sure how familiar you are with SVN or how comfortable you would be doing that so it may not be a solution you could tackle.
  9. Sebastian, Having only one classes folder (like com as you mentioned) in each project folder is not a good practice as a lot of other packages that are popular right now come in different packages like org (papervision) and others. It's a lot smarter to keep one centralized code bank that has all your class packages and just pathing your classpath to that folder in flash preferences. that way if you update your classes all projects will have the latest classes, not having to update each project separately.
  10. stick with gs. more and more i see packages like that popping up and its kind of nice how short it is. you know me, im a stickler for long package names and standards, but even i have started to use short packages in my projects because its easier to traverse the flash explorer window in eclipse when you dont have 20 folders to go through (takes up less room too).