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  1. Hello Carl, Thanks for taking a look! Sorry about the raw code, figured maybe it was something I was doing outside of just the SWFLoader/Greensock. Here is a simplified version that I created to try and match the setup of my actual project. It doesn't throw any errors as my other code does but doesn't seem to Load/Unload any of the content into the contentHolder in Main. Hope this helps better demonstrate my setup without all the clutter. I didn't include com.greensock for file size, but I have it stored in the root directory... sample->com->greensock->* in my sample project and actual project. Also, not too sure the best way to share files through the forums as of now, but here is a Fast-Files link to the Sample.Fla. Sample.Fla *Edit* I just realized Fast-Files is kind of shady when looking for the actual download of the file, there is a subtle and small 'Download Now' button below the horizontal ad-bar, sorry for the shady file link.
  2. Hello all, Was wondering if any one can see what the problem with this class is. What I'm trying to achieve is to load content into an empty container (_main.container in LoadSWF.as) that is instantiated from my main class (Main.as) where I can keep its position fluid. I'm just transitioning to Greensock but have a tight deadline to get this working so I'm kind of hoping someone can help spot what I'm doing wrong. After I get this resolved I should be smooth sailing. Main Class - I want to load my external .swfs into a library object that is dynamically added here (var container) DockMenu Class - Where my navigation takes places, I want to call LoadSWF from here. LoadSWF Class - Reusable Loading class for swfs, my debugger is pointing to line 40 Any other areas that catch any of your eyes that could be improved or are incorrectly done let me know, the only way I can learn this stuff is by being shown I've found recently. Thanks in advance everyone, btw I don't think I'll ever use AS3 and Flash without Greensock again!