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  1. Hi i'm using xPercent for making slideshows with one or more slides moving at once. For making infinite roll i need sometime to clone lasts/first childs, but as they are xPercent-ised when i clone them i get this behavior... The node has : transform: translate(800%, 0%) matrix(1, 0, 0, 1, 0, 0); the div is 211.983px, when cloned and setted to -100 (getting it before the first slide) it has then : transform: translate(-100%, 0%) matrix(1, 0, 0, 1, 1695.87, 0); so it computes 800% width in matrix and apply my xPercent placement of -100. Is it jquery that when copying the node properties, make that move ? Luckily, i found a way to mitigate that by using clearProps:"xPercent" and setting it again after. @+
  2. Hi, just a simple question about this 4rd argument on .to(), I don't see anything in : http://greensock.com/docs/#/HTML5/GSAP/TweenLite/to/ ? tx
  3. Ok i'm not at home i will check there and share with you the best way to resolve this. Anyway thanks for your time !
  4. I already thought of the 0.01 alpha trick but on my website it's visually sensitively not transparent even 0.01...
  5. this cause a kind of "flash" effect hover the background when it's dark so noticeable by the user.
  6. Hi ! I try to animate a backgroundColor from rgba(0, 0, 0, 0) to rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.65). Behavior expected : tweenlite would tween alpha parameter only (rendering grayscales fading hover other layers). Behavior seen : tweenlite tweens red, green, blue and alpha parameters. See codepen : hover firebug inspector on .red to track it, then hover in/out the button. Notice that when tweening from 0.65 to 0, the behavior is correct. @+
  7. Hi ! I use gsap syntax most of my time. But for this particular project, i decided to moove to jquery.gsap.js and animate(), for rapid prototyping. At final performance step, i will create anonymous functions that synthetise effects created and choosed by the final user, in gsap syntax for gaining substancial speed on user interface and most of advanced parameters. Anyway, i'm still at prototyping level, and i'm using hoverIntent lib for detecting user intention (mostly used for submenu and avoiding the "christmas tree effect" with animations). In some cases i need better velocity and animation that are triggered instantly. Thus i rely on hover(function(){/* .animate() hover*/}, function(){/* .animate() out */}) $("a").hover(function(){ $(this).animate({className:"+=hover"}, {duration:300, easing:ExpoOut}); }, function(){ $(this).animate({className:"-=hover"}, {duration:300, easing:ExpoOut}); }); In css context, i just change color property to fade between colors. I noticed that when i over/out/over/out/over/out/over/out/over/out/over/out animations are queued, this even if i add overwrite:"all". Have an Idea ? Thx
  8. You're right, first time i see this behavior, i was guessing the parent div would refresh his size with the child's one when loaded. It works now. Thanks.
  9. In my code i already set() the transform origin (but i tried to put the property directly in to() also). Maybe its the same bug as reported there ? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/18894314/in-chrome-transform-origin-is-invalid
  10. Hi, i'm trying to scale an image from 50% 50% origin point (zooming effect) and fading it 3s after homepage is loaded, and chrome seems not working as others browsers. http://easy-creation.com/charrette/ I also tried to set('.slide:first', {transformOrigin:"50% 50%"}) before (as chrome as not same defaults), but only vertical origin is taken in count. Have an idea ?