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  1. I was just wondering if you could post your working files using codepen. I've run into a problem with file size using TweenMax, but for some reason when I try switching to TweenLite, my ads don't play properly. I haven't been able to find a good reference as to what the problem is. Thanks!
  2. Thanks! TweenNano did it!
  3. I'm having trouble with a flash banner ad size. After using ImageAlpha on the 3 images (everything else is a shape within Flash itself), I was able to get the file size down to 50 KB. The images can't be compressed anymore and I'm currently using TweenLite with the animation. I was just wondering if there is a resolution out there within Flash and Greensock that will get me down to the client's restrictive 40K. Everything I've seen so far has been a js or css solution. Is it even possible for me to lose 10KB just by changing my import com.greensock.* parameters? I've attached a size report. Thanks! 12681-March2015BusinessJournal-300x250 Report.txt