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  1. dev-kp's post in animating with Attr Plugin was marked as the answer   
    Hi sschulman and welcome!
    Had a quick look at this and yes can't seem to animate the x and y attr or a table or div.
    I've experimented with an SVG version and that seems to work:
    <svg width="300" height="250"> <rect id="rect" width="100" height="100" x="0" y="0" style="fill:rgb(252,81,48);" /> </svg>  TweenLite.to("#rect", 1, {attr:{x:250, y:200, width:50, height:50}, ease:Power1.easeOut}); See full version here:

    See the Pen jWQmKb by Dev-KP (@Dev-KP) on CodePen
    Hope fully that will help.
  2. dev-kp's post in How to make frames to change/swipe diagonally was marked as the answer   
    Hi dia, and welcome to the forums.
    A bit unclear about what you are after; if you clarify a bit better that would help.
    Is it something like this that you are looking for: 
    See the Pen RrZVeb by Dev-KP (@Dev-KP) on CodePen
  3. dev-kp's post in Nested Timelines from Function Returns was marked as the answer   
    This seems to work as well. Pause the nested timelines and then play them in the global timeline.

    See the Pen WQobdQ?editors=101 by Dev-KP (@Dev-KP) on CodePen
    This is using set()