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  1. Yeah, no I get it. Like all amazing libraries you have a wide variety of use cases, and you guys have a much better grasp on what they are, so I wouldn't want to presume that mine trumps others.
  2. OK didn't know about the callback on "add" and I think the other 2 would work for me as well. I realize about backward compatibility and all that, and wouldn't want to make a huge change like that without thinking out the consequences of course. On the other hand, though, it's hard to envision a situation when people would be depending on this behavior as any timeline with it's duration (forget I said "playhead" ... got the terms confused) pushed out to infinity would be pretty much unusable for any further append operations. Also if infinite animations didn't affect duration from the start, then there shouldn't be any recalculation necessary, no?
  3. Hello... first of all amazing library, so useful. I've been getting to know the library and am trying to make a single master timeline that has different "scenes", then user interaction can play from one scene to the next, stop, and wait from user input. One thing I've found, however, is that if you have an infinitely repeated animation, this will effectively push the playhead to a huge time in the future (representing "infinity" i'm assuming), then any label added after this will be at that point in the future. Very simple example here: http://jsfiddle.net/NK3pe/2/ I don't want to jump to conclusions and my approach might certainly be wrong, but wouldn't it make more sense that infinitely repeated animations should not affect the timeline head, as it's assumed that you wouldn't/couldn't put anything after them anyway? I've looked around the forums and have seen example that pull the tween out of the flow and use callbacks to restart it, etc, but is all that really necessary or is there a simple way that I'm missing? The problem wouldn't be so bad except that even nested timelines affect their parents, so even one nested repeating animation will effectively push the master's playhead out to infinity. Also, I realize that I can add an absolute position to subsequent tweens, but then I would have to add them to ALL tweens after a repeated one, and have to tweak each one if an earlier animation duration changed, etc... Is there something basic I'm missing here?