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  1. What you explained about parent timeline make sense. That is the behavior I'd expect. I just believe an event "onReverseStart" - so when the last frame is played going backward - would simplify such boilerplate. In the current case I made a workaround too. The solution you show would work, but it is a lot of boilerplate code for something that could (IMO) be abstracted away in the core system.
  2. I sure can explain. I'm programming an interactive websites with a lot of animations. To do so, I have a global TimelineMax instance that is binded to the user progression through the website. This progression can be the scroll, button clicks, etc - the idea is that it is reusable and can be applied to differents kind of user interactions. If the progression is binded to the scroll, then the user can go forward and backward. So I never actually explicitly call play or reverse. I'm usually calling `timeline.tweenTo( x )` from a navigation controller. This navigation controller have no knowledge of the timeline position or progression, it only knows that when it is called, it need to advance (or reverse) by X frame. Then, each module is registered on the global timeline and is managing its inner state by itself. As so, this module doesn't know when reverse is called because it is completly decoupled. Does it make sense?
  3. Tweens offers many events to detect actions: onStart, onComplete, onReverseComplete... But there's no onReverseStart How would you detect the animation started in reverse?
  4. I like to set pause on my timeline to help debug certain state. `timeline.addPause(1.3)` The issue is when I use `timeline.tweenTo(1.5)`, it skips the pauses.
  5. Currently I can't find anything in the documentation to register a function to be called each time the playhead change. You can listen to `onUpdate`, but this function doesn't trigger when you `timeline.seek(2)` to a position. Any solution to be notified by every changed to the playhead without adding tons of timeline callbacks?