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  1. I have this; a simple slider: t1.to(contain, 1, {left:"-100%"},"+=4", "one") .to(contain, 1, {left:"-200%"},"+=4", "two") .to(contain, 1, {left:"-300%"},"+=4", "three") .to(contain, 1, {left:"-400%"},"+=4", "four"); I want it to turn into this when there is keyboard or mouse input so that I can tweenTo the destination smoothly (without the static parts)... t1.to(contain, 1, {left:"-100%"}) .to(contain, 1, {left:"-200%"}) .to(contain, 1, {left:"-300%"}) .to(contain, 1, {left:"-400%"}) I have attempted using two separate animations and switching between them but synchronizing them is a little clunky and I'm hoping there is a simpler way.
  2. Hi, I have a simple question: Is there a way to alter the offset during animation? t1.to(contain, 1, {left:"-100%"},"+=4", "one") So in this case... to make "+=4" turn into "+=0"
  3. http://allthetime.co.nf/GSAPslider/ I'm developing a GSAP slider and it works well now with keyboard and click control. I want to be able to animate between states upon receiving a click/key event. So, when it's on slide 1 and I click the button for slide 4 instead of going to slide 4 instantly, the animation scrolls quickly across slide 2 and 3 and then lands at 4. Any ideas?