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  1. Thats stop animation at all you can see my Pen here http://codepen.io/tasaeed/pen/JBCuz Regards Tauseef Ahmed
  2. Now another question in sequence of above Pen How to fill color if i want to fill that circle once completed ? I m using tl.to(my_arc, 2, {raphael:{fill:"#339933"}, ease:Power0.Linear, onUpdate:drawCircle}, "+=1.0"); But in Console i m seeing error TweenMax unable to access my_arc Regards Tauseef Ahmed
  3. Thanks SnapSVG look more easier and better as compare to Raphael only thing to consider is browser support BTW on Anthony's Profile page i m unable to find Snap pulgin:link Regards Tauseef Ahmed
  4. Hello, I m working with http://raphaeljs.com/ javascript library for vector graphics , however i see TweenMax also contain one file RaphaelPlugin.min can someone please explain what is difference between both ? and which one i need to include in my files for creating and animating vectors ? Regards Tauseef Ahmed
  5. Thanks a lot , seriously speaking i copy this snippet from net and try to inetgrate with GASP so i dont know exactly how its working but i m trying to learn.
  6. Hello, I m new to GSAP and Java scripting , for one of my project i m trying to create some animation a simple Circle which progressively completed I m using RephaelJs for Cricle Path and TweenMax to animate path , however i have no idea what i m doing wrong when i preview code its repeat every step of that circle , can someone please guide me http://codepen.io/tasaeed/pen/JBCuz Regards Tauseef Ahmed