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  1. Thanks GreenSock! This clarifies a lot:)
  2. Hi carl, Thanks for the hint! Not sure if this is a workaround or if there is a proper way to use rotateX and rotateY with negative values. But this will do for now Thank you for your help!
  3. Hi! I'm new to the GSAP But love what I have seen so far. I'm having a little problem with animating transform rotateX and rotateY. I'm using the GSAP jQuery plugin. Basically executing this: $(element).animate({transform: "rotateX(-180deg)"}); has the same effect as executing: $(element).animate({transform: "rotateX(180deg)"}); I do have perspective set up, in case you were wondering. Is there a special way I have to define negative values or is this a bug? Thank you guys! Kyryll