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  1. ok it is working now.. (maybe flash playing up) sorry for the confusion thanks again!
  2. @jack - thank you very much that is working. i have one other issue, when using this "visible:false"; queue.append( new VideoLoader("video.f4v", {name:"video", container:this, autoPlay:false, visible:false}) ); on the "function completeHandler"; var video = LoaderMax.getLoader("video").rawContent; LoaderMax.getContent("video").visible = true; //LoaderMax.getContent("video").rawContent.visible = true; //tried both video.playVideo();
  3. hi there guys, my first post here thanks for greensock its the most amazing tweening tool!! i have having an issue with LoaderMax using VideoLoader, queue.append( new VideoLoader("video.f4v", {name:"video", estimatedBytes:3000, container:this, x:0, autoPlay:false}) ); function completeHandler(event:LoaderEvent):void { var v = LoaderMax.getLoader("video").rawContent; v.playVideo(); } i have also tried; LoaderMax.getContent("video").rawContent; but both doesnt work?! - if i set the VideoLoader autoPlay:true video plays back ok. so i know its working just can figure out the correct syntax any help would be very much appreciated. cheers