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  1. @carl - thanks a lot , i will go throught the links , most helpful indeed .. Regards
  2. Hi, Can we make games like these - http://www.girlsgogames.com/game/beauty_salon_makeover.html using as3 and greensock , also what licenses do we need to purchase for that , also are there any tutorials for this on how to use green sock for these games ... kindly guide ... Regards
  3. @carl - thanks a lot for the help , with so many games in box2d i am sure some one must have found away of using it ....i will ley you know if i find a solution .... Once again thanks for your support .... Regards
  4. @carl - Once again thanks a lot for your patience ... your file has helped a lot .... What seems to be the problem is that i am working with box2d physics engine , now if i do the animation just on the movieclip it works well .... But when i create a world and then put objects inside it , for example a bike rider and the focus is set on the rider inside the world ... When the world zooms it seems to vibrate every thing , however if used out side of physics world it works fine ... Can you please guide me to some link here which suggests use of greensock with box2d , i searched but was unable to find one .... I found this one but it does not have any answer - http://forums.greensock.com/topic/4415-tween-physics-box2d/ Once again thanks a lot for the amazing support .... Regards Jin
  5. @rhernando,@carl,@greensok - thanks a lot for the amazing support .... I have tried the code as mentioned by both @rhernando and @carl , when i add a non zero value like here--- var t = TweenLite.to(level1WorldObj, 3, {scaleX:1.5, scaleY:1.5, onComplete:scaleDown}); function scaleDown() { TweenLite.delayedCall(3, t.reverse); } or like this - TweenLite.to(level1WorldObj, 3, {x:0,y:0,scaleX:1.5, scaleY:1.5}); However when i try the first method i get the error - TypeError: Error #1010: A term is undefined and has no properties. at scaledown function And when i try the single line with out the function like here - TweenLite.to(level1WorldObj, 3, {x:0,y:0,scaleX:1.5, scaleY:1.5}); it does slow down the process but the entire world starts shaking while the tweening is taking place ... I must be doing something wrong or missing something , your guidace is needed here .... Thanks in advance for your time and patience with my queries .... Regards Jin
  6. @rhernando- thanks a lot sir , i will try it and get back to you .... Regards Jin
  7. Hi folks, I am jin , please accept my wishes , i have been working on as3 for some time now but was never good with animations, i came across this package and i can say this is nothing short of a miracle to me to be able to get the effects that greensock can provide .... In order to add more value to my projects i am trying to add a camera zoom in and out at certain points in my project , now i can do this by using the below code - TweenLite.to(WorldObj, 0, {scaleX:1.5, scaleY:1.5}); this zoom in remain for 3 seconds and then i do this to get to normal size - TweenLite.to(WorldObj, 0, {scaleX:1, scaleY:1}); But the zoom in and out happens rather abrubptly like in a fraction of a second , i want it to be a bit slow , i came across a thread that suggests this - TweenLite.delayedCall(2, slowDown); function slowDown() { TweenLite.to(WorldObj, 1, {x:0,y:0,scaleX:1.5, scaleY:1.5}); } i tried it, but it does not seem to do the work , can any one please guide me as to where i am going wrong and what i can do to make it work ..... Once again thanks in advance and hope to be able to contribute after some time .... Regards