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  1. Thank you Jamie, that actually explains alot. I also tried the plugin, but it's still doing the same exact thing, so I think it's canvas that's doing it.
  2. Ok, I'll do a Pen, but it's going to be huge, and it's not going to look right due to images, xml, hyperlinks, and other misc things like that. That's the main reason I was against doing one. http://codepen.io/anon/pen/hoCBz
  3. I'm not sure how a code pen would be of any help because the slider works perfectly on the computer. It's when I try it on an iPad is when it breaks. And what I provided is the actual slider code, but here it is again. $("#schematic_slider").slider({ range: false, min: 0, max: 100, step:0.1, value:0, slide: function ( event, ui ) { init.progress( ui.value/100 ).pause(); } }); function updateSlider() { $("#schematic_slider").slider("value", init.progress() *100); }
  4. I've got an app that allows the user to move the timeline along when they move the 'scrubber' along the timeline. However, on the iPad, it is incredibly glitchy and jumps from position to position and isn't smooth. Why would this be operating like this? When I test it in a browser, it works perfectly fine. Here's the code for the slider. $("#schematic_slider").slider({ range: false, min: 0, max: 100, step:0.1, value:0, slide: function ( event, ui ) { init.progress( ui.value/100 ).pause(); } }); function updateSlider() { $("#schematic_slider").slider("value", init.progress() *100); }
  5. I have a function which draws lines using kinetic.js and canvas. I'm trying to find a certain argument from the function and write that argument to the console when I click on each line. How would I go about doing this? FYI, I'm trying to get the argument outside of the function. Kinetic function drawLine(name, points, fill, stroke, closed, strokeWidth){ window[name] = new Kinetic.Line({ points: points, fill: fill, stroke: stroke, closed: closed, strokeWidth: strokeWidth }); } drawLine("NST_R01", [938.4, 258.167, 868, 258.167], "", red, "", 3); The argument I want to get is the name argument.
  6. That's exactly what it was. I actually figured that out right after I posted my question.
  7. So this worked, I knew it was probably something like this. However, the sprite isn't animating the way it needs to. The DOM is accepting the change, however, it's not visually changing. I have a console.log that prints the sprite's state and it's showing the change in the console, but not on the page. Any ideas as to why it would be doing this?
  8. I'm trying to get a Kinetic sprite to change it's animation after the tween it's attached to stops. As of now the sprite changes when the tween starts. Would this just be a callBack function? I know how to do this with pure Kinetic, however, I'm using the KineticJS plugin for the controls. I have my code included in a text file and the area I'm refering to is highlighted. Anyone have some suggestions? script.txt
  9. Thank you both. I like that plugin Carl, I didn't play around with it much over the weekend but I did look at it and I plan on toying with it more when I get the chance. Thank you Jack for updating the plugin so fast, it works very well for what I'm trying to do. You guys are awesome.
  10. I'm getting an error that I'm not understanding. I'm trying to animate a kinetic line, however, the line is not animating and I'm getting the following error: TypeError: s.charAt is not a function TweenMax.min.js: 16 Why am I getting this error? I've attached my javascript file. script.txt