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  1. hi thanks I will check those out code pen - I couldn't figure out how to add the text plugin Mark
  2. hi thanks for getting back doesn't solve problem that labels are at start of sequences gotoAndStop + an offset works for now, I just hoped for a more elegant solution I guess at some point I can look at having child timelines - but I'm still figuring basic stuff at the moment Mark
  3. hi as well as playing back an animated visualisation I want to users to be able to jump from point to point. If I set labels in the animation they point to the start of an animation sequence not its end point. While I can use getLabelAfter() etc + an offset that seems a kludge Is there a means to go to a label play back that sequence & stop? I've got a simple codepen derived demo at: http://thisthen.co.uk/gsaptest/ Mark
  4. marko

    Changing Text

    hi thats working using the cdn gsap thanks Mark
  5. marko

    Changing Text

    hi thanks for both getting back so quickly the function works but I can then figure how to get it to trigger off labels I've had a go at a 'code pen' demo http://cdpn.io/kfJqw Mark
  6. marko

    Changing Text

    hi I'm working on an animated timeline, as it plays there is a div showing month of the year, how do I change the text of that div as it plays ie .set("#month",{text:"February"},"feb") doesn't work or how do just go & ask a bit of jquery to do the job? thanks Mark