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  1. ha! this make so much more sense now. thx for all the help!
  2. i guess im confused about how timelines works. im not that used to them yet... what im trying to do, is using the onCompleteAll from the TimelineMax().staggerTo(). The one from TweenMax.staggerTo() works just fine. i can achieve what i want with lots of different ways (including the solution from craig, thanks for the idea). but im trying to understand the difference in structure when you call a staggerTo, and use the onCompleteAll, with a timelinemax and a tweenmax.
  3. im tyring to use the "this.target" inside the "onCompleteAll", in the "TimelineMax.staggerTo", but it dosnt exist, is it possible?
  4. sorry for the poor explanation. I guess i had some struggle to understand how timeline "start" works, and using "from" inside those (never worked with them until now). But you really helped a lot, thx! That indeed solve my problem!
  5. Hello people! First i want to say that i searched for this everywhere and i didn't find any answer. If it is a common problem or anything, IM DEEPLY SORRY! (sorry for my english too) well, so... I made this in codepen, the problem is: i have 2 timelinemax here, when i press next or previous, it will play (as restart) those 2 timelines. it is just an animation to go from left to right, rotation:0 frist time, rotation:180 in the second. i play the first, ok. i play the second, ok. and them, i go back to the first, thats the problem... it seems to ignore the "from" statements of that "fromTo". and the most wierd, if on the first timeline, i let a "rotation:90" in the "to" part, it seems to work just fine! I dont know, it is kinda a complicated situation i guess, and maybe i didnt made it clear what is going on... just ask any question i try to explain it more. Its supose to really work like this, or this is a bug?