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  1. Hi, i think Jamie Jefferson's pen is what you're looking for: http://codepen.io/jamiejefferson/details/FnKba Cheers
  2. tl.to($wheel, 5, {rotation: 720}); tl.to($carbodycontain, 5, {scale: 0.5},'-=5'); By adding '-=5' after the vars object you're overlapping the next tween with the previous one by 5 secondes (meaning they will both start at the same time). Also i'd suggest you to read http://www.greensock.com/get-started-js/ you can find some great examples for using timelinelite/max
  3. Yeah its possible. The best thing is if the children div's will have a unique class name. In your case each div has a diffrent class name (message1,message2..), best thing is to give them a common class name, and then staggering them. But if you know that all of the child elements are messages you can easily do something like this: TweenMax.staggerFromTo($('#message-container').children(),0.4,{alpha:0},{alpha:1},0.2) here's a codepen: http://codepen.io/bazooki/pen/avits Hope this helps =)
  4. text to particles effect that ive been playin around with: http://codepen.io/bazooki/full/orLxa
  5. The reason is because you're runing the animation each time the mouse is entering\leaving. In your case you might want to prevent the user from triggering the animation if it's already animated. Im not sure what im suggesting is the best approach, but this is what i would do: adding this condition to mousehover function. if(TweenLite.getTweensOf($(this)).length !=0 ) return; http://codepen.io/bazooki/pen/iFwqk
  6. have you tried changing the timeline duration? as described in GreenSock JavaScript API Docs: myAnimation.duration( 10 ); //adjusts the timeScale of myAnimation so that it fits into exactly 10 seconds on its parent timeline
  7. Tweenmax storm http://codepen.io/bazooki/full/aApDq used Michael71 code for explosion effect in this thread: http://forums.greensock.com/topic/7622-one-way-to-explode-items-example-included/
  8. hi there.. i used your code to create nice "storm" effect with TweenMax image. you can take a look at: http://codepen.io/bazooki/full/aApDq