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  1. I found the error: The error went away when I changed the TweenMax.js to the minified version (TweenMax.min.js). It seems that IE8 is having an issue with the "//@private" comments. I tried deleting the comment on line 2295, but then IE8 just complained about the comment on line 2390 instead. The minified version has no comment = no errors. Anyways, stuff is working now
  2. I use version 1.11.3 of TweenMax
  3. Im having trouble with TweenMax in my require.js setup. Everything is working in modern browsers, but IE8 is complaining. I have already documentet the problem on stackoverflow: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/21204786/require-js-tweenmax-ie8 Any ideas?
  4. Im doing it like this: require.config({ baseUrl: '/ui/js', paths: { jquery: 'modules/libs/jquery-1.10.2', tweenmax: 'modules/vendor/greensock-js/TweenMax' }, shim: { jquery: { exports: 'jQuery' }, tweenmax: { exports: 'TweenMax' } }); define([ 'jquery', 'tweenmax' ], function($, TweenMax) { console.log(TweenMax); });