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  1. zureshm

    Animating number

    thanks.. I hope I will never make this mistake again
  2. zureshm

    Animating number

    But it is not working when used in timeline http://codepen.io/anon/pen/iLtBc
  3. zureshm

    Animating number

    Wow.. thanks for the very quick reply
  4. zureshm

    Animating number

    Hi, I want to do animating a number during tweening. I am using the jQuery way http://codepen.io/anon/pen/bjdiK but is there an easy GSAP way so that I can controll the animation using the slider? I am a beginner
  5. zureshm


    thanks for the code. the problem is I am still a beginner and learning. I dont know how to animate backgroundImage continuously in GSAP timeline. so I created that animation as a jquery function. so on reverse I needed another jquery function to animate the background in reverse order. I hope now I can solve that problem. Thanks for the solution.
  6. zureshm


    Hi, I can see this in tutorial "You can define onStart, onUpdate, onComplete, onReverse, and/or onReverseComplete event callbacks." But I cant find hou to use "onReverse()". But "onReverseComplete()" is there. I want to call a function on every "onReverse() " occures. (using slider or the reverse button). Edit: here the example how I want to use onReverse() http://codepen.io/anon/pen/gLtoz
  7. ok, it seems I solved that after finding something like this console.log(photo[0]._gsTransform.rotation);
  8. Hi, Need help getting the rotation value of an element for example TweenMax.to( '.div6', 2, {rotationY:'+=60', transformOrigin:"50% 50% -1200"}); or a specific value -320 - like below TweenMax.to( '.div6', 2, {rotationY:'320', transformOrigin:"50% 50% -1200"}); how to get that '.div6' s current rotationY value.. I use jquery too.
  9. Thanks for the quick reply I used {rotationZ: "-=180_cw"} and it works the way I wanted Edit: just tried {rotation: "-=180_cw"} also works.. so that mean "rotation" and "rotationZ" are same.
  10. Hi, About me: This is the first day I am trying JSAP. I know using jquery and doing animation. But not expert. I am trying to rotate an element 180 degree, it works perfect using css3 rotation, but using jsap-jquery plugin, it behaves weired. It works for 179 degree and 181 degree. Problem is in 360 degree rotation too - it stays there. The code I used $('.link2').click(function(){ $('.div2').animate({'transform':'rotate(-180deg)'},3000) }) I tried the tweenmax way too $('.link3').click(function(){ var sur = $('.div3'); TweenMax.to(sur, 1.5, {transform:'rotate(180deg)'}) }) again, it works when using other values is there any way to force the direction, so it rotates the way i want?