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  1. that will be very kind of you Flex become more and more popular in the RIA world .
  2. Hello Jack , thank you for the amazing BlitMask , it is wonderful my question is : how can i use it with Flex 4.x ( I use Flash Builder 4.5) ? when I try to use it within a Group component: blitMask = new BlitMask(myLabel, 0, 0, 200, 30, false); I get an error : Error: addChildAt() is not available in this class. Instead, use addElementAt() or modify the skin, if you have one. at spark.components::Group/addChildAt()[E] at com.greensock::BlitMask/update()[D] at com.greensock::BlitMask/set target()[D] at com.greensock::BlitMask()[D] can we have a workaround to make it work in Flex ? Thanks in advance
  3. Ok , I understand , anyway it will be nice if it will be available in future versions . Thanks .
  4. Hi , in FlexTransformManager (and TransformManager ) , It seems I can only rotate items around their centers , is there any property to make FlexTransformManager rotate my items around their top left corner (the registration point) ? there are cases when I have to rotate things in such a way .. sorry if it was answered somewhere else , but I couldn't find it in the forums .
  5. Hi , I keep getting this error (in the attachment) in Flash Builder 4.0.1 with SourceMate installed (latest version). it prevents me to build the project ; I end up deleting the loading package and not using it in my code. any idea ? Regards.