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  1. Hi guys, I'm trying some things here, and I got this: tempTimeline.eventCallback( "onUpdate" , updateTimelineTween ); But my timeline is not a global var, just exist on a function. I put the "updateTimelineTween" function to receive one timeline as parameter. Now how can I pass the tempTimeline as parameter? I try use this but obvious didn't work because it execute the method... tempTimeline.eventCallback( "onUpdate" , updateTimelineTween(tempTimeline) ); Any idea about how to do it? Tnx a lot guys! EDIT: Sorry guys, I found it: tempTimeline.eventCallback( "onUpdate" , updateTimelineTween , [params] ); Someone please can delete the topic (or not if its fine to help another one with the same doubt)
  2. Tnx for all your help guys! Tnx for the archives Carl, it works perfect until now on SublimeText3. No problems at all. If I find some problem I'll let u know.
  3. Tnx man, but I saw this video and thats why I want the snippets But on the video he teach how to install the snippets, but where is the archives for download???
  4. Anyone has the files to install it? There's nothing on the GS page anymore. Anyone can help?
  5. Anyone knows if there is something like applyItemXML and exportItemXML for TWEENS (not for transform) THere is an way to do it? In other words, save the tween properties in a XML. Tnx a lot.
  6. Hi guys, I was wondering if is possible use the LoaderMax to load a video, than get this content and send it to a another video player, like the FLV Playback from flash. How can I do that? It's possible? Tnx a lot