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  1. yes, this was the ticket. Just a heads-up for everybody else: keep in mind that alpha values in GS are delivered between the 0 and 1 range and not 0 and 100.
  2. When I set the alpha during construction of an SWFLoader, it takes it and applies it fine. When I try to change it later, I always get this: Property alpha not found on com.greensock.loading.SWFLoader and there is no default value. What am I overlooking?
  3. Did I perhaps fail to explain this problem properly? I just cannot believe that such a simple thing would not exist. Surely, I must be overlooking something obvious here? After all, UILoader component allows designers to visualize the containers for the dynamic data that will be loaded and something like hus *must* exist for ImageLoader, too?
  4. Hi Carl, I'm okay with using the class in as3. I just would like our designers to be able to use it at design time as well, instead of the UILoader component. Thank you for the information, though. Regards
  5. Is it possible to have ImageLoader as a component that can be placed on the flash scene and manipulated graphically (i.e. dragging around) at design time or does ImageLoader only allow instance creation through as3? ps: I'm completely new to as3 and flash (kind of rolled into it) but Greensock really made things easy for me