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  1. This is the thing I've been working on... basically i have two end points that go through a predefiined point each, so the mid point where all the points meet makes the text... and because they've got a little bit of a delay / change in speed in has an more natural feel... I guess this is the best way to do it... i wanted to avoid a tween to the mid point and then another tween to the end point.. Didn't realise I could feed the ease back in... I'll do that and reverse it by eye I think Thank you!
  2. I've built a custom ease using the greensock visualiser.... theEaser = "M0,0 C0.126,0.382 -0.164,0.5 0.5,0.5 1.166,0.5 0.818,1 1,1"; I think I actually want to play it backwards, is there a way of reversing these values?
  3. I'm currently letting TweenMax do some of the hardwork of working out transforms rather than having to work out the matrix translations myself Here is an example of the code - Is there a faster way of grabbing the transforms... I'm dealing with about 4000 objects, and although this is an internal project for converting flash SVG's for use in web sites I'd obviously like to make it faster... (without having to do too much maths
  4. mimeartist


    Thanks Manfred, That looks very good... the issue I have is that it's got to work kind of randomly too... I can't post the code here... but this is the instagram video of what I achieved yesterday... I arrange the lettering in flash and export it as a svg, which I then grab the points from https://www.instagram.com/p/BTHTmeilNRd/?taken-by=jameseverettstone
  5. mimeartist


    Thanks Carl, I set those at slight extremes to show the issue... I've decided to do a workaround, whereby I do a tween to the midpoint and then a new one for the second part from the control point to the end point... to get a curve I've assumed a control point for each half and it seems to pretty much work... I want the midpoints when all reach to move very slowly... so I'm doing an power ease out and then easein... Thanks for your help! James
  6. mimeartist


    Hi Carl, Here is my codePen, as you can see when you run them one reaches it's mid point more quickly than the other... http://codepen.io/mimeArtist/pen/rmeNKw Alternatively I'll just tween to the mid point, and then perform a tween to the end point... but to get some kind of curve / gravity, I'd need to have a different ease for both axis? Not sure how to do that? James
  7. mimeartist


    I have about 10 beziers routes that all have the same start and finish points, and the control point is a random position for each one... how do I get it to reach each control point at the same time, because at the moment it draws each curve beautifully and they finish all in sync... but this obviously means they hit their control point at a different time? thanks, James
  8. Does anyone know of any effects to the viewport on ios? I've got a draggable panel... with videos in it... when the video is played using videojs on ios it automatically goes fullscreen, and when i go it seems that the draggable gets stuck half way I don't think this is a draggable issue... but does anyone have any pointers to people that have had issues with anything like this, sorry I can't supply a codepen for it?
  9. Thanks for the replies... this has always confused me... where should I be definiing X in the CSS? and why does it update the position but stick at 10px? http://codepen.io/mimeArtist/pen/mRNvwQ
  10. mimeartist

    Close enough?

    I'm doing some animation that doesn't need to be pixel perfect, infact it would be better if it was slightly 'off'... Is there a way to get a tween to stop when it's within a few pixels of the destination... Also how do I get it to report the position that isn't rounded, should I be using x rather than left? http://codepen.io/mimeArtist/pen/KaObMG
  11. I just tried to place my code in there, I've since forked it... and it worked... turned out I'd added the throwProps, but my TweenMax version was a lower number... so put the new one in and it worked! thanks for your patience http://codepen.io/mimeArtist/pen/zNJBOa?editors=0011
  12. I've included the ColorPropsPlugin and in the tween I'm wrapping those values in the colorProps:{ } do I need to define them in the initial object? Sorry for not including a codepen, it's just part of a bit of a monster myFace = {headWidthVal:headWidth, headHeightVal:headHeight, curveFactorVal:curveFactor, curveFactorBVal: curveFactorB, randomAmountVal: randomAmount, guideStrengthVal:guideStrength, faceColVal:faceCol, noseColVal:noseCol, hairColVal:hairCol }; TweenMax.to(myFace, 0.5,{ headWidthVal:aimHeadWidth, headHeightVal:aimHeadHeight, curveFactorVal:aimCurveFactor, curveFactorBVal:aimCurveFactorB, randomAmountVal:aimRandomAmount, guideStrengthVal:aimGuideStrength, colorProps:{faceColVal:aimFaceCol, noseColVal:aimNoseCol, hairColVal:aimHairCol}, onUpdate:reportArray});
  13. I'm drawing the svg shapes with the current tweened value rather than tweening the colour of the item... myFace = {headWidthVal:headWidth, headHeightVal:headHeight, hairColVal:hairCol } TweenMax.to(myFace, 0.5,{ headWidthVal:aimHeadWidth, headHeightVal:aimHeadHeight, hairColVal:aimHairCol, onUpdate:drawFace, ease: Elastic.easeOut}); function drawFace(){ hairCol = (myFace.hairColVal); //MY DRAWING SVG BITS AND BOBS }
  14. I'm tweening the values of an object which is giving me the values of the points on a face for a nose etc... I'm also including the hex values of the items' colour... I'm storing the values in tne object and then referring to them as I tween... however the colours don't seem to tween... Is there a format I need to use to tween a hex? should it be 0xFF0000 instead of #FF0000 perhaps?
  15. I want to delay a drag so it doesn't get recognised for at least 5 pixels for example, is there a threshold or anything like that I can set? Reason being I'm mixing some swipeLeft with draggable, and i get a very tiny part of the draggable triggering when I swipeLeft... it might not be ideal in the final product, but I want to at least try it