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  1. Lines 826 of TwenMax is missing - so the latest update has broken my code again.. Missing lines that make everything work again: lines 826 through 828: if (_gc) { _enabled(true, false); }
  2. The additional code in updateTo() works like a charm. I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say thank you for these libraries - great work - kudos to the team!
  3. The onComplete() method was not being called and yes the tween had started,,
  4. I guess somehow, the tween is being disabled. If I place this: tweenMap._enabled(true); immediately above this: tweenMap.updateTo({ tx: newX, ... then the new condition does not need to be removed from your render() method and everything works OK. I'm not explicitly disabling the tween or killing it between the time I'm instantiating and the time I'm calling updateTo - so I'm pretty sure this is not a bug on my side..
  5. Your libraries have seriously added value to my project, so I'm happy to give back. Ok, considering everything came to a stop, I started with any changes around return.. and voila! Line 971 - when the new condition (|| _gc) is removed, everything works.
  6. The application is too complex for me to pull relevant pieces out and whip something together - well certainly not in an hour or less.. I have however, traced (somewhat) the issue to the render method in TweenMax. By replacing the method with the method from 12.0.16 all is working again as expected. I doubt I'm the only one who will run into the issue - although you never know! - so hopefully this can help.
  7. Absolutely understandable - posting a FLA is unfortunately not possible - however, after profiling with Scout this is a typical sequence when using 12.0.16 TweenMax.updateTo (com.greensock) 0 0% 1 4% TweenLite._init (com.greensock) 0 0% 1 4% TweenLite._initProps (com.greensock) 0 0% 1 4% TweenLite._applyOverwrite <static> (com.greensock) 1 4% 1 4% Animation._updateRoot <static> (com.greensock.core) 0 0% 1 4% SimpleTimeline.render (com.greensock.core) 0 0% 1 4% TweenMax.render (com.greensock) 0 0% 1 4% TweenLite._init (com.greensock) 0 0% 1 4% TweenLite._initProps (com.greensock) 1 4% 1 4% When profiling with 12.1.1 the sequence steps that never appear are: Animation._updateRoot <static> (com.greensock.core) SimpleTimeline.render (com.greensock.core) Let me know if this helps or what else I can provide in lieu of source. Many Thanks,
  8. After updating from 12.0.16 to 12.1.1 (including 12.1) - updateTo no longer works.. First call for the tween uses this (which still works): tweenMap = new TweenMax(grid, 0.001, { tx: newX, ty: newY, onComplete: grid.donePanning, ease: Quad.easeInOut }); repeated calls (dragging) then use this (which no longer works): tweenMap.updateTo({ tx: newX, ty: newY, onComplete: grid.donePanning, ease: Quad.easeInOut }); Reverting back to 12.0.16 everything works ok. Looking at the change diff - there are a number of updates in 12.1. Any idea what might be the underlying issue?