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  1. I'm actually not sure. I'm not very experience with unity yet.
  2. GSAP is easily the best tween solution for any language I've ever used. And now I find myself having to work more and more with Unity and I miss my GSAP. Will we see it ported in the future?
  3. I love it, Diaco! My current code is way less elegant than that. Thank you!
  4. Thanks for the reply Diaco, but it's not exactly what I'm after. I was hoping to have something like this: var tw = TweenMax.to(target, 10, {x:100}); tw.valuesAt(2);// {target:target, x:10} tw.valuesAt(5);// {target:target, x:50} tw.valuesAt(8);// {target:target, x:90} I need to be able to read the values without reconstructing the tween. Right now I fear I have to use .time() to set the target's value, then read them, then return .time() to what it was. All before I update my canvas. Which feels bulky. But I'll do that for now.
  5. For example: I want to place some objects on the path of the tween for a graphical effects. So I'll tween a target with x=0 to x=100, over 1 second. And then I want to read the X value at multiple different times, say at 0.2, 0.4, 0.6 and 0.8 seconds. Is there a way to simply go: tween.read(.2) and have it return {x:20} or something like that? I know I can use time() on the tween, then read the value, and the return the playhead to the original time, but that seems cumbersome.