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  1. Thank you Mikel. Last example is nice. But the problem is, customer inserts new destinations by time. So at the moment they are unknown for me. Therefore i need some kind of bullet prove drawing logic which draws new routes automatically correct and not flipped or straight. Thats the main task i see here.
  2. Hi guys, I need some brainstorming. I have a worldmap image in the background of a div. Inside the div i have several marker positioned with percentages to have it responsive. Now i would like to draw bezier curves from the center of the map to each point. And animate those curves in a fancy way. For instance sending pulsed dots over each line. Something like this:
  3. i have to admit i don't really understand but thank you very much for the fast response! glad it is fixed. thought it might be a deeper kind of bug… hehe
  4. Yea, now i found out when i remove "-=0.5" the loop works fine then. But why? I don't understand.
  5. Hi Guys! I built a sitebar ad and it looks fine except when it restarts. for some reason one animation in Line 142 will be skipped and i really don't know why?! Here is a previewlink: http://tvim.de/as/bwtarif/sitebar.html see source code with comment // following animation does not restart source What is wrong here?!
  6. Thanks Jonathan, I will ask Jan fro ScrollMagic
  7. I try to achieve something like this: http://www.headcase.ch/ When you scroll the page, you will notice how the menu bar will stick to the window top. Now i need this in my recent project too but with an offset: http://tvim.de/yachtclub (pw: user) the blue bar should stick to the fixed header as soon as it "touches" the bottom edge like this: as you see the trigger is always in the middle of the viewport. This is my code: var controller = new ScrollMagic.Controller(); var introTl = new TimelineLite(); introTl .to(logoimg, 1, {width: 100, autoRound:false}) .to(sticked, 1, {backgroundColor: "white"}, '-=1') .to($("#nav > ul > li > a").not("#nav > ul > li.current_page_item > a"), 1, {color: "black"}, '-=1') ; var introScene = new ScrollMagic.Scene({duration: 200}).setTween(introTl).addTo(controller); var scene2 = new ScrollMagic.Scene({ triggerElement: $(window) }) .setPin("#actionbar") .addTo(controller); any ideas? THANKS!
  8. now i use scrollto plugin which works good and saves me from getting more and more grey hairs and headaches its not the same than hovering but i think its better for usability. check this out: http://tvim.de/scrollto/scrollto.html on top of that the html part is responsive. but seems greensock cant handle percentage values that good the code of each arrow is a very simple. maybe someone has an idea to improve it to save some lines of code??
  9. unfortunately this works not. is there a way to execute a command on window resizing which recalculates the value?! also i mentioned a bug: i open the link in my first post. then i reload the page. now it shows another value than before?! 1st time it showed me the "5" and 2nd time it shows "1". i am on firefox 25 @ mac
  10. i want to ask an additonal question to this topic please! i write a small interface script: http://tvim.de/scrollto/scrollto.html it works brillant! Thanks to Greensock Team! But when i resize the window, it has problems centering my divs. without greensock there are no position problems. i think its because greensock uses "px" values to calculate scrollTo destinations. but can i have them with percentage? i tried it but it does not work: TweenLite.to(scrollsrc, 1.5, {scrollTo:{y:"30%", x:"30%"}, ease:Power4.easeInOut});
  11. found another example: http://jsfiddle.net/j08691/YWnzc/128/
  12. I am new to GreenSock and i am wondering if it is possible to have something like this: http://www.smoothdivscroll.com/mixedContent.html A script which uses "edges" of a div to scroll its content. But not only horizontal but also vertical! i did not even find one made with jquery . i think its also a question of performance. therefore i think of greensock. so i need a script, which scrolls the content in a div in all directions.