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  1. Lagden

    Morph + xlink

    I thought that we'd simple solution! I already knew about use with css, because I did a ripple fx like Google Material Design using GSAP. So, I did cloning SVG element and the result was good: http://codepen.io/lagden/pen/PzoLbK Thanks for reply @OSUblake
  2. Lagden

    Morph + xlink

    Hello, I am trying to make a morph using <use xlink:href="#ID"> But I don't know how convert it or if is possible... Here is a normal example: http://codepen.io/lagden/pen/WxNyzO Here is a example using xlink: http://codepen.io/lagden/pen/GqRGoR The expected on second example is: Morph circle to square when user click on element, but show this message at console: WARNING: cannot morph a <USE> SVG element. Use MorphSVGPlugin.convertToPath(elementOrSelectorText) to convert to a path before morphing. Regards, Thiago Lagden
  3. Lagden

    Bug Safari 9.1

    Thanks PointC
  4. Lagden

    Bug Safari 9.1

    Hi, I was testing and I found a problem on Safari 9.1 1.18.2 - ok: http://codepen.io/lagden/pen/PNyLKR 1.18.3 - fail: http://codepen.io/lagden/pen/reqoZY It is the same code, just change GSAP version. Well, I did a downgrade to solve! Basically, in version 1.18.3, matrix isn't working on Safari.
  5. Pen is updated!! TweenLite + CSSPlugin! Yeahh!! @OSUblake: It's not necessery if you are using the latest version of Chrome or FireFox Thanks everyone!!
  6. I tried use TweenLite in this pen: http://codepen.io/lagden/pen/QjQbwp?editors=001 and nothing happens! I would like to use TweenLite, but I don't know which feature is missing for it works!! TweenMax is very heavy for it! This is my current code! It is using TweenMax and it's working. TweenMax.fromTo(circle, duration, { x, y, scale: 0, opacity: 1, transformOrigin: '50% 50%' }, { scale: 10, opacity: 0 });