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  1. Hello everybody! I have a problem with the Superscrollorama plugin. I'm a graphic desiner, so I don't understand too much about Javascript. But I'm trying to learn it. I could make an animation with the plugin, but my problem is that I'm doing a responsive website, where each section has a height that fits on the screen. For this reason, I would need to start the animation when the section is displayed, not when I scrolled up to X number of pixels (3000px in this case). I hope I explained the trouble. I'll paste the code that I would like to change, someone can help me? Pleeeeease controller.pin($('#slide5'), 2800, { anim: (new TimelineLite()) .append( TweenMax.fromTo($('#move-1'), .75, {css:{left: 0, top: 0}, immediateRender:true}, {css:{top: 100}} ), -1.5 // offset for better timing )