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  1. Many thanks Carl. I will experiment and post here if I find anything useful.
  2. I've used LoaderMax to load FLVs into a Flash project for over a year. It's worked perfectly across different browsers and when exported as Air for Android and IOS. Recently, however, my boss has bought a Chromebook and for some reason when he views the SWF through a browser it is having problems playing the FLVs. I have some FLVs that have alpha transparency and in these cases the transparent areas are filled with black. Standard FLVs with no transparency are playing audio but not displaying the picture. These problems do not occur when using Chrome in Windows.I have some transparent FLVs which are stored in Flash library and not called through LoaderMax - these play correctly in the Chromebook. I don't have access to the Chromebook in question so it's really hard to debug this problem in methodical way. There's a chance that it's not related to Loadrmax at all, but I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts or ideas on what could be causing this issue? As a final note, many thanks to all involved in the GreenSock project - they are brilliant development resources.