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  1. Vote for overshootTolerance in the docs. Needed it today for work
  2. Great thanks for the quick reply! The latest-beta.js works as aspected, using it now Many thanks!
  3. Hi! Think I found a bug of some sort that if I add a class name using TweenMax and my tweening object has already a classname that contains the same word it removes. Example: Want to add a class by name: "hover" My div has classes: <div class="btn animate-hover color-green">My Button</div> The result will be: <div class="btn animate- color-green hover">My Button</div> It shouldnt behave like that am I right? If using underscore it works: <div class="btn animate_hover color-green hover">My Button</div> Possible to solve this? Many thanks!
  4. Thanks for both answers! I went for Diaco's advise. Really appreciate this! Many thanks!
  5. Hi! Im building a thing where I drag a element and check with hitTest for another element. I need to change the DOM structure so the dragger element gets inside ".drop-here" element as soon the hitTest is true. It works fine but the draggable elements gets jumpy when dragging to the ".drop-here" area. I need to reset/update the coordinates I guess but dont now how. I tried using draggable.update() with no success. Any suggestion to solve this problem? Many thanks!
  6. Hi! I have a box that can be dragged and I binded some custom mouse events directly to the DOM element. The events are triggered as they should on every browser besides explorer 10 and 11. Here is another codepen from another forum post. Try to rotate the object in explorer 10, 11. Doesn't work but explorer 9 and other browsers it works just fine. http://codepen.io/MAW/pen/LVZZeG Can you reproduce the same issue? Thanks!
  7. Im so impressed that you guys answer so quickly. I really appreciate it It works now thanks alot! I didnt find the allowNativeTouchScrolling in the documentation. Im looking here: http://greensock.com/docs/#/HTML5/GSAP/Utils/Draggable Am I looking at the wrong place? I dont want to miss any useful functions and properties! Thanks alot Diaco.AW!
  8. Hi! Look at these links using a touch device. Im using iphone 4s with safari browser. The problem was working fine in the old draggable build. If I have a draggable object with only type:'x'. I can activate the drag if I move my finger in a vertical direction and then move it to a horizontal direction. But with the latest draggable build it doesnt work. It only activates a drag if the touch is a horizontal direction from the start and I tried with lockAxis:false with no success. Old draggable library (0.11.0): http://codepen.io/anon/pen/bNJPVv New draggable library (0.13.0): http://codepen.io/anon/pen/RNOzap Can you get the same problem? Thanks!
  9. Hi! I have noticed that if I have a draggable element with throwProps:true and throwing it will stop animate if I call the enable() function while the throw animation is still active. What im trying to do is that I have nested draggables that needs to call disable and enable at a specific time and dont want to break the animation if its still going. I looked at the Draggable.js source code and in line 1718 does the animation to stop. TweenLite.set(target, {x:"+=0"}); //simply ensures that there's a _gsTransform on the element. I wanted to let you now what I found and maybe its better that you guys does the change in source code if you think this is something to change. The disable() function works as i should. Thanks!
  10. SUPERB! It works! ev.originalEvent nailed it! Thanks for your help! Really appreciate it!
  11. Nope it didnt work. I have that code for disabling the built in scrollers. I have forked a new one with much less code. As you can see it works for computers but not for ipads and iphones. http://codepen.io/anon/pen/EaWozL Can you reproduce this?
  12. Hi! I am building a global velocity tracker that runs as soon as you move your mouse or touch. Im using the Draggable plugin where I call the startDrag method in a mousemove touchmove jquery callback and passing the corresponding event to the startDrag method. Everything is working fine on a computer but when using a touch device it doesnt work. Like if the startDrag never is called. Can you see if I have missed something... I have tested with ipad air 2, ipad air mini, iphone 4s all with ios 8.1 and its not working. Check out the codepen. Thanks for this great library!! //Robert