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  1. Urgh, can't replicate, all working fine! Link here for posterity anyway: http://codepen.io/heathergaye/pen/aFnru Primary difference is that I'm using waypoints.js in my main site to trigger the animations on scroll, so it looks like I may need to hunt for a conflict between the two scripts. Will investigate further at some point.
  2. Hi, I'm using version 1.10.3 of TweenMax for multiple animations on my site. I'm using the scrollTo plugin on my main menu to smoothly scroll to different anchors on the page. I have tween animations on each section to show the content when the section scrolls into the viewport (triggered the first time the section scrolls into view only). The problem is that when any section scrolls into view and its animation is triggered, the page stops scrolling. It appears that the scrollTo tween is aborted by the new animation. * I logged the target anchor position before starting the scrollTo animation, and it was being correctly reported. * I added an onComplete function to the scrollto that logged the page's final scrollTop position, and every time I tried to scroll to a section with other animations above it (thereby triggering them "on the way"), this function wouldn't run. * Once all sections had been viewed (and all tweens triggered), I could correctly navigate through the page using the menu (and my test logging function ran correctly). This only happens in Safari - all animations are correctly triggered and completed in Chrome, Firefox and IE. Advice/suggestions welcome. For the moment I'm using a different library for my scrollTo function.