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  1. Hi I am trying to obtain to things with a spritesheet: Creating a fluid frame by frame animation using TimelineMax together with SteppedEase to tween css backgroundPosition At the same time being able to programatically access the different "frames" in the animation like gotoAndStop in AS3 (see the input range in the pen) I have obtained the 2 things in the codepen but I can't help thinking I am doing it the wrong way or at least overengineering it by calculating the individual "frame"'s time position. Is there a more straightforward way to solve my 2 problems? I am thinking in some kind of addframe functionality on a timeline. Thank you!
  2. Bricks4ever

    animating steps

    I know this post is rather old... but anyway the smiley link used in the pens are dead... any chance that you could update the pens?