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  1. Yeah I know the CSS3 transforms work well in normal situations, however I mean when the transform is defined by the class(es) you're tweening between. For example, .position-1{ -webkit-transform: rotate(15deg); } .position-2{ -webkit-transform: rotate(-10deg); } This works (on webkit), but all vendor prefixes are required for a cross-browser solution, so I'd also have to figure out the matrix for it. This may have been addressed in a later issue, which wouldn't surprise me - you're right, Jack has been working hard and for the benefit of everyone who uses the web! Very grateful.
  2. Obviously we can animate between classes by either adding or removing them... but can we do both, without affecting other classes attached to the element? For example, if I have: <div id="my-div" class="item position-1"></div> Can I replace position-1 with position-2 ? I also note that CSS3 transforms are supported, but all vendor prefixes are required -- so how would this work with IE<9? As a side note, I'm working with: * VERSION: beta 1.9.6 * DATE: 2013-05-07 So if any of these issues have been addressed in the latest versions I'm more than happy to upgrade.