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  1. Jack, you are almost right about the video card problem, because in the past, I tried to view some demo samples of Babylon.js in Chrome browser ( they worked great ), but they did not work at all in Firefox ( since FF had only partial support for WebGL - http://caniuse.com/#search=webgl ) Now in GSAP's case it's seems to be the other way around... ( partially supported in Chrome while works flawlessly in FF ) though I am not sure of the specifics of the reason behind ... I use Win XP SP3.
  2. This is just awesome. Excellent stuff !!! Though, please note that in Chrome 29 (latest version ) when I played around with the controls sample in this post it caused the browser to crash... I just dragged the scrubber back and forth for sometime and later when I tried to click the buttons it crashed the window. This did not happen in Firefox.