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  1. I was just debugging and found out that the value on the first click on a onComplete function is around "300+" and not "300" and on the second click is around "200+" not the expected "200px". http://codepen.io/anon/pen/fHzdj I also experienced this inaccurate value in Flash also before. Wondering is there a solution for this?
  2. Alright, Thanks again rhernando!!
  3. Hi again! Here you go! http://codepen.io/anon/pen/fHzdj Thanks a bunch rhernando! I really appreciate your help with this!
  4. Hi rhernando! Thanks for helping! I tried the code but sadly it's not working properly. Yup, I can't clicked the element anymore but tween is like bugged. Second click still follows the first if condition. But I completely understand the if condition you gave. Should I change any of my codes?
  5. Hi guys! I'm basically new to JS. I want to know how can I make the element unclickable while the tween is ongoing? Thanks!! <script> function init() { var r = document.getElementById("test"); var rh = document.getElementById("test").offsetHeight; var rh2 = document.getElementById("test").offsetHeight; r.onclick = function tog(){ if(rh <= rh2){ TweenMax.to(r, 1, {width:"-=100", ease:Cubic.easeOut}); rh2 = document.getElementById("test").offsetHeight; } if(rh > rh2){ TweenMax.to(r, 1, {width:"+=100", ease:Cubic.easeOut}); rh = document.getElementById("test").offsetHeight; } } } </script>