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  1. Hello, 


    I have created a very simple animation that animates HTML sections onto the page when the page is scrolled. When I scroll I notice some glitching on the animation. I have tried CSS animation and it works fine, but want to understand why I'm having this issue with GSAP. I have attached the codepen I have created and when you scroll a little faster on the page you will notice the issue. 


    Thank you, 


    See the Pen gaWagr by trshelto (@trshelto) on CodePen

  2. Hello,
    I'm using TweenMax to try to do a rotationX on a Bitmap that I have added to the stage using EaselJS. Does anyone know if it is possible? 


    I have looked at this post but it has been over a year and I didn't know if something might have changed. http://community.createjs.com/discussions/easeljs/462-integration-with-greensock-tweenmax-tweenlite
    Here is the code:

    _rodHolderCover = new createjs.Bitmap("images/rodCover1.png");

    _rodHolderCover.addEventListener('mousedown', handleKeyDown);


    then in the event handler I have this. 


    TweenMax.to(_rodHolderCover, 1,{rotationX: 180});


    rotation works great and so does x and y,