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  1. Ok I figured out, I am using jQuery so need to use a1[0]._gsTransform . Thanks.
  2. Thanks Jack, I thought I'll just play with the _gsTransform object. But eI keep getting this error "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'rotation' of undefined ". Here is a codepen: http://codepen.io/praneybehl/pen/Krcqb Hope its just me doing something wrong. Praney
  3. Thanks Rodrigo and Jack, Jack, that is great, but would it return 3d transform properties too? As I was trying to get / set css values of an element and bind them to a scrubber. Thanks, Praney
  4. Just digging this old post to see if there is a .get() method or similar to get css properties set using the .set() method? It would be really helpful. Praney
  5. Thanks for sharing that David. Hope the Live Templates are of some help. Praney
  6. Praney Behl

    SVGJS Plugin

    Hey @Rob, Thanks for the plugin, but is there any documentation on this like function reference or something. It would really help.
  7. Hi guys, Happy New Year to all! I recently read a great post on GSAP Snippets for Sublime Text on the GreenSock blog. Thanks to Carl for putting it together and the instructions video. I must say that Sublime Text is a great IDE but I am sure there are others like me that use WebStorm. So I thought I’ll go ahead and put together some Live Templates( like snippets in Sublime Text) . I have added 27 Live templates that may help cut down the development time. If you have suggestions for other code snippets that you use often please let me know and I'll be happy to add them too. You can download the latest code and instructions on installation and usage from: https://github.com/praneybehl/GSAP-Webstorm-LiveTemplates I hope it helps. Cheers! Praney
  8. Well if we can get TransformManager JS then there is nothing better than that.
  9. All right just added a poll to this thread for anyone to vote if they are interested in Fabris.js plugin. Cheers!
  10. Thanks Jack, Maybe we can start a poll to find out how many others are interested.
  11. Hi, I have been playing with the Fabric.js library for a little while. What like about it is the ease of transforming objects and a couple more. I am wondering if there is a plugin for Fabric.js available with GSAP? If not then how to use Fabric.js like transformations(at http://fabricjs.com/customization/) in Kinetic.js? Thanks in advance, Praney
  12. Thank you Carl, you're a legend I have just purchased the Business Green membership and ready to get my hands dirty now that I see that GSAP is the perfect mix I have been looking for. Big +1 and thanks to you. Cheers! Praney
  13. That's a great post Carl, KineticJS was spinning my head around for the whole day until I found this post. I have a couple of questions relating to this thread so I think I will just ask here as it would be easier for others looking for help in similar area. 1. How can we animate kinetic object on a timeline? What I mean by that is how to make the kinetic objects show up at different times on the timeline and make them disappear once done. To be make specific - on demand? 2. Is it possible to use css plugin on Kinetic objects? If so, then is there an example? 3. Is it possible to get an example of a full blown timeline sequence animation like here: http://www.greensock.com/css3/ ? I am amazed by the power of GSAP so far. Just going through the learning curve and I am sure it will be worth it. I would really appreciate your help. Thanks, Praney
  14. Thanks Jonathan, I have been through that resource before, but I was trying to not involve php and maybe to it solely with HTML5+Javascript. I have come across a solution which involves running a node server and then communicating with a video encoder. But this is all a bit complicated and resource intensive. I was hoping to source a rather smarter way from some of the brilliant minds here in this community. Thanks for your suggestion.
  15. I don't think using screencasting software will be a reliable option. Maybe I can create a server and process it on the server. Thanks for your input though.
  16. Hi all, I am trying to find a way to export the timeline animation to a mp4(compressed) video. Does someone know how this can be done? Will really appreciate your inputs and suggestions. Thanks
  17. @rhernando Great explanation mate! Saved me asking the same question. Thanks
  18. Congratulations! Nice work mate I wonder how can this be done in JS. I really like the slides, and slide options. Although I am a newbie with it can someone shed some light on how can that be done? Up up the good work!
  19. Hi there, I am really starting to enjoy learning GSAP JS. I have a quick question. Lets say I have an animation on the TimeLine and I want to add some audio/music(MP3) to it, how would that be possible? Is it possible to maybe have an example? Will really appreciate your help. Thanks in advance, Praney
  20. Thanks Carl for taking the time to answer my question. I am very new to the GSAP libraries but intermediate with JavaScript & jQuery, just trying to climb through the learning curve here. I know it would surely pay off. I have a couple of more questions but I think creating new threads will be better as others can also refer to the Q&As Cheers! Praney
  21. First of all I would like to thank you for creating GSAP for JS its simply Amazing! I was checking out : http://www.greensock.com/customease/ and thought it would be amazing to be able to do something like that in JS/HTML5, so I thought I'll ask. Mate it may sound a little off-topic but is there a way to maybe draw such a bezier curve in HTML5/Javascript? I want to ask a a animate an object along the bezier path. Is it possible to maybe do something like this, where user can edit the bezier curve? I hope I make sense, please pardon me if I don't as I am pretty new to JS/jQuery. Looking forward to hearing about it. Thanks in advance. Praney