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  1. Hey Jack,


    Any updates on the CSSTransform plugin. Its been an year so I thought I'll ask, API methods and some docs will be awesome. Also will be great to have the un-minified version in the Business bundle.




    Sorry, folks. I have been working for weeks on CSSTransform actually. It's considered "experimental", that's why there are no docs yet. We're still trying to nail down the API. It's solving a very complex problem, and I'm working on adding SVG support. I'm excited about what this could mean for many apps, as I don't think there are any tools out there yet that solve these problems, but it's definitely a complex issue and it's taking a while to work around various browser quirks. I'm pretty confident I'll get it pretty soon, but again, it's "experimental" at this point. I'm reluctant to even explain what it does fully yet because I'm still formulating how to best do that. Thanks for your patience. :)

  2. Hi guys,


    I asked this a few months ago, it seems like for some reason it was ignored so I thought I'll bring it back to the attention of the GSAP dev team.


    The problem here is that when a Draggable SVG element with "svg { overflow: visible }", dragged out into the overflow area of the SVG, draggable is not able to drag it. This currently only happens in Safari. Is this a bug? 


    Here is the post from the past:



    I hope this time it gets some attention and is fixed asap.



    See the Pen BNvEMv by praneybehl (@praneybehl) on CodePen

  3. Thanks Jack, appreciate it. Will buy Business in a couple of days.  

    You may wanna maybe shoot a newsletter with the coupon maybe call it cyber Monday week to scrape a few extra sales through the week :)

    I really appreciate the awesome work you guys do here  8-)

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    hmm , pls add this to your css :

    svg{ overflow : visible; }



    Ok I found why I had to nest the svgs, with svg{ overflow : visible; } draggable doesn't detect svg element when it is in the overflow region in Safari browser. 

    Is it just me or Safari or is it something in Draggable.js


    Here try this in Safari:

    See the Pen BNvEMv by praneybehl (@praneybehl) on CodePen


    Drag the green element outside and then try to drag it back in.


    Hope it makes more sense.


    hmm , pls add this to your css :

    svg{ overflow : visible; }


    Yeah I thought that should work and tried it yesterday, but for some odd mistake it just wouldn't work for me and today I found this post so I thought i'll ask.

    Dang! too much high I guess :P. I feel so stupid right now - <hitting my head>


    Thanks for the refresher mate.

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  6. Hi Praney Behl  :)


    i'm a bit confused about what you mean by SVG nested in another SVG ( in your demo ) !?... does it make sense !

    Thanks for the reply mate,

    I am working on something that needs an svg to have overflow:visible so to achieve that, I had to nest the svg inside another to have the overflow visible.

    Now the inner SVG has elements that are draagable and rotatable. So has mention draggable works fine but when trying to rotate it plays up.


    See the Pen xGmygp?editors=101 by praneybehl (@praneybehl) on CodePen

  7. Hi mcweb and welcome to the GreenSock forums.


    Our support is very focused on the GreenSock API. Providing instructions on how to program a clock is way beyond the support we offer.

    Perhaps try studying this: 

    See the Pen MYMMxx by chrisgannon (@chrisgannon) on CodePen

    or searching CodePen for some more clock examples, just to get a handle on the various techniques and find one that appeals to you.


    If you have any questions pertaining to GSAP, we welcome you to post a new topic.




    Hi @Carl and @Diaco,

    that a great example, however it seems to play up a bit if there are nested svgs. Dragging seems to work fine but the rotation looks a bit off. Here is an example:


    See the Pen xGmygp?editors=101 by praneybehl (@praneybehl) on CodePen


    Any ideas on how can this be fixed?



  8. Hi guys,


    I have recreated the problem as the title states. I have a div that has a zoom and a Draggable item inside it. On zoom = 1 everything works great but if you change the zoom the Draggable position is out.


    While using jQuery-UI Draggable I was able to fix the issue by the following code:

    var zoom = $("#main").css("zoom");
    drag: function(evt,ui)
    // zoom fix
    ui.position.top = Math.round(ui.position.top / zoom);
    ui.position.left = Math.round(ui.position.left / zoom);

    As the x and y properties on the Draggable object are [read-only] how can this be done to fix position with GSAP Draggable?


    Will appreciate some help.



    See the Pen NPVzXd by praneybehl (@praneybehl) on CodePen

  9. Hi guys,


    Just trying to figure out how to initiate or have the element._gsTransform object added to a DOM element when an event is fired lets say click.


    Is there a way to initiate GSAP without making any changes to the elements css?