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  1. I would very much agree with the project drives the technology, but still there are some ground rules that I'd violate only with very good reasons, and the separation of content, design and functionality is one of them. There are grey areas concerning animations, but if we talk serious animation I'd clearly opt for the third area. One more thing @Robert: I've been around for nearly 20 Years int the business of creating and (re)inventing the web and I'm tired of people saying XXX is the future. Even if the future is mobile, the statement 'javascript is miserable at animation on mobile' is one that might hold some truth now, but most likely not in the future. In the here and now the percentage of browsers (even mobile ones) that do not (fully) support CSS-Animation is a far bigger problem. I've used the greensock platform for years now (great work!!!!!!) to solve real world challenges and am quite happy to let the 'cool kids' do cool latest-tech projects for show.. ;-)