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  1. On why I would want to change the fps of the engine. I'm looking into using Greensock to generate and sequence some target parameters for a box2D physics simulation. If the default update frequency didn't match the simulation's timestep, it might cause some issues and changing Greensock's fps rather than the sims fps/timestep would be the preferred solution. The good news is the sim's fps is also 60, so that matches and things are at least heading in the right direction. Browser animation is something I've not really dealt with before. My experience is with content creation stuff not web stuff; case in point, I was completely unaware of requestAnimationFrame which seems pretty darned important. Lots of good info for me to chew on here, and that's much appreciated. Thanks, -Jeff
  2. I've had time to do a bit more searching and I found a codepen page http://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/lEiAv that has this bit of code at the beginning of the .js TweenLite.ticker.fps(60); So it does look like you can specify frames per second, though I've yet to find any reference to this in the docs, -J
  3. In the docs the "ticker" property is defined as 'The object that dispatches a "tick" event each time the engine updates,..' Can anyone tell me the frequency of engine updates(for both AS and Javascript)? For example are there 60 "ticks" per second? 30? Is it strictly enforced or does it vary? Also is there any way to specify the number of engine updates per second? Thanks, Jeff