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  1. sirhclluk

    PixiPlugin help

    I've looked at https://greensock.com/docs/Plugins/PixiPlugin and the codepen example. Could someone break it down super simple for me? What's the minimum code I need to blur the image using pixijs? Thank You! Chris
  2. Thanks for looking at it PointC. Using chrome. Here is a screenshot during the unwanted shaking. So when the finger goes back to swipe, the icon shakes.
  3. After resizing this animation, the icons that are rotating do a weird vibrating thing. And sometimes the finger flies off. Please help... Thanks
  4. Thanks PointC. The illustrator trick of reversing the path in Attributes did the trick
  5. sirhclluk

    morph svg

    thanks carl. Asking because google web designer removed the ability to add svg code into the html. sucks since I started using animated svgs on almost all of my banners. your link does have good info on it.
  6. sirhclluk

    morph svg

    Does morph and draw svg only work with the code of the svg? So if I have two traditional svgs as images, can that work? Thanks
  7. I had success removing the rotationX and keeping the transformOrigin. http://codepen.io/sirhclluk/pen/27931bfac63637b1816c59318d473b2f?editors=0010 I tried svgOrigin, but it didn't improve it. Thanks Jonathan
  8. Hi Jonathan Here is a better example. http://codepen.io/sirhclluk/pen/efc1f8d6779e1bb06365c6e43796075c So when his right arm bends is the big difference. This is the first line with rotationX, .to(Bald_bicept_RT, .5, {rotation:45, rotationX:45, transformOrigin:"60% 5%", ease:Sine.easeOut}, "armR+=1.2")
  9. I think my issue is with rotationX. Is there a trick to getting rotationX with an SVG to work in Safari and Firefox? My codepen is linked. Thanks
  10. Thank you both for the replies. PointC, I got it to work based on that example. I had to change the bound to numbers and not just the name of the object. And on the progress line had to change it to t.progress( this.x/-484 ); Thank You GSAP!
  11. Is this possible with Draggable? In a banner I want to drag a road jpg horizontally, and have a car move along the road as I drag the road jpg. So the car stays in the same spot horizontally, just moving up and down and turning as needed. if it is possible could someone share a link related to it? Thanks
  12. I tried moving the translate3D z around before, but just small numbers like 2 or 10. A translate3D z of 80+ on the rotating object seems to do the trick. Or around -30 on the shape below it. But the better solution for this particular banner was to just remove the color div below it that the object was sort of slicing through. Thanks for the help. Here's to cool movements.
  13. Thanks for the response guys. Yes it works just fine in codepen. So the problem is when published from google web designer. In that case in Safari only, half the image is shown during rotation. I've asked in their forums also with no luck yet. Thanks!
  14. It's in my second post. Here it is again. It's working here. http://codepen.io/sirhclluk/pen/wWXAJB I'm using google web designer, so the problem is in there then. And it's actually only a problem in safari. Works fine in Chrome.
  15. Thanks Jonathan I was just trying anything to get it to work. I tried both by themselves, but still not working right in Safari with perspective or transformPerspective.