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  1. Hi Carl, Terrific Worked like a charm. I used your final.zip and added the FLVs and MP4 and the com from greensock-v12-as3.zip. I don't understand what happened before.... I really appreciate your help. Now that I have a solution, am I supposed to close the conversation?
  2. To start my new project, I downloaded it ("Video Loading and Playback with GreenSock LoaderMaxby Michael B")from Tuts, unzipped it and ran it. I put the Greensock ./com directory in - but it was a fresh download (greensock-v12-as3.zip). When I ran it, there were about a dozen plug-ins that I had to comment out. Then I got the message "Call to a possibly undefined method ContentDisplay." Does anyone have a copy of this Tutorial that works? Just curious. I have since started writing my own XML controlled Video player for multiple simultaneous videos. I want to make a "Weather-Channel Green-Screen" type of capability with transpose, rotate, fade-in -out, scale. Does anyone have experience with AS3 control for multiple videos doing this sort of thing? I've found the rotate to be difficult to control. I can't seem to get the rotate-center-point in the right place....