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  1. i need to control my background scrollview with strict rectangle , i don't need the ease effect to let the background scroll out of rectangle . i need easing just inside the rectangle , i mean i need start point and end point to my background .
  2. YES YES YES , i solve it ... i reach to this algorithm to solve the problem .. i use the distance factor var point1:Point = new Point(mouseX,mouseY); for(var i:int = 0 ; i < mcBg.numChildren-1;i++){ var point2:Point = mcBg.localToGlobal(new Point(mcBg.getChildAt(i).x , mcBg.getChildAt(i).y)); var distance:Number = getDistanceTwoPoints(point1.x , point2.x,point1.y,point2.y); if(distance <= 50){ disableBitMapMode(); return false; } }
  3. i tried to stop propagation and Immediate propagation , but i don't solve it until NOW thank you for trying to help me . i hope if any body give me solution ..
  4. i have draggable background it has mouseDown event , and i have movieClips inside the background Movie and they have mouseClick event . the problem is mouseDown force and ignore the mouse Click event what shall i do to solve this problem ?
  5. i use ThrowPropsPlugin and blitmask , and its wow scrollview for my background but it disabled every listeners and every movieClips animation inside the background movieClip i dont know why ? this line of code which disable every thing .. blitMask = new BlitMask( mcBg, bounds.x, bounds.y, bounds.width, bounds.height, false); please help me , i need the smooth blitmask scroll , and also i need the children inside the background -mcBg- to work .