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  1. I just decided to make GSAP a core part of our flagship product!  We made the same decision wayyy back in 2008/9 or so when it was just Jack in Flash AS2/AS3 and a bunch of starfield benchmark tests against tweener and a few other inferior libraries, lol, and it was the best decision we ever made on that app. Smooth like butter, every time.  And, just by reading through the source code you become a better programmer, pretty sweet bonus.


    I lost my oldest login and got a new one in 2013 but didn't transition to HTML5 until this past year. 


    Now it's 2017 and it's time to bring back the magic and stop letting jquery jerk us around on screen and in the promised land of the SVG.  It totally sucks flash died.  Thanks Apple and Adobe.  Should have both supported it and open sourced that one, the performance is still better in some ways.  Oh well, evolution means giving up some things, too.  I was salty about AS3 and it turned out to be a landslide better than AS2, so I'm pretty happy to move on to HTML5 where there's an infinitely bigger community to rally round the pixels.


    Here's to new mind boggling animation performance on all devices, and hopefully really cool bitmap effects again. :)