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  1. the work is built differently 1)design is done 2)working layout, including svg 3)To show an example or describe a desire 4)at the end of the animation
  2. I guess I didn't understand your message. I thought you needed commercial help. work for work is not interesting. Excuse me.
  3. Xsander775

    Help Wanted

    Jonathan I'm sorry I have not yet fully penetrated hitTest If I change my box2 - array how to get value from what obj - hitTest. https://codepen.io/Alex755/pen/pROGdg Now I have divided the event, but this is not correct... Thank you and again Sorry I'm still learning
  4. Xsander775

    Help Wanted

    Hi Help Wanted The project has several objects 1 animated and some static Tell me how to get the value box1.x - box1.left or directly from GSAP during animation, and not through Jguery as now. http://codepen.io/Alex755/pen/EZepQG Is it possible to calculate with the help of GSAP intersection objects? For earlier thanks for your attention Alex.
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    need help.

    need help. do animation stopped on what you need to get a random value on the x axis получить целое число в приделах моего <div> my - div width: 250px; var chel_1 = new TimelineMax(); chel_1.to(".pi", .6, { x: Math.random()}); I want to get the crowd of people who got off the train ... If it is not possible to tell from this request. I will look for another option solutions. example Thank you for your assistance....