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  1. Oh, did this Topic never had an actual answer but OP came back and changed the Titel to "Solved" and left without leaving a single post? For me it looked like there once was a thread with a discussion that was solved, but I cant see any posts somehow...
  2. dynamicprops with parameters [sOLVED] Is the Forum down or are you removing GSAP AS3 topics? (If so: Please dont.)
  3. Ok, the problem was on my side. In the process of stripping down a demo for you I've found a non-relative setting in the config.rb Mea culpa. Thank you for pushing me to do the demo and finding the error myself!
  4. I wonder if you guys could help me solve this error: TweenMax.min.js:15 GET file:///G:/ProjectJim/Code/stages/v03/css/css/fonts/Brooks/Brooks.ttf net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND(anonymous function) TweenMax tries to access a font on a path, that does not exists and throws this error. I have included the TweenMax dependecy on the bottom of my HTML: <script type="text/javascript" src="js/vendor/TweenMax.min.js"></script> Somehow, he is looking for a wrong path for a Font I'm using. Why is he doing that? My Project: v03 |-- css | |-- scss | | |-- _media-queries.scss | | +-- style.scss | |-- fonts | | +-- Brooks | | +-- Brooks.ttf | +-- style.css |-- img |-- js | |-- vendor | +-- plugins |-- index.html |-- config.rb As you can see, I use a pre-processor, so it might be a problem with that. Here is my analysis: When not inserting any Font in my scss, no error (not a suprise). when using @include font-face("Brooks", font-files("Brooks/Brooks.ttf")); the errors appears The path in my SCSS is correct, as in the HTML the Font appears perfectly normal. The Console states no other errors and the processed CSS is pointing to the correct location (read: The font shows up). Any Ideas what is going on here? Can I somehow define the CSS path for TweenMax manually? Sincerely Indyaner
  5. Well, let me thank you that you guys still support the ActionScript Codebase. Thats is anything but granted. Thank you. btw: I was wondering what you do now a days. GSAP all the way I guess? I used it and love it as well. Where are you located? In all these years, I couldnt get a good Idea of who you guys are where you work (Chicago?) and how your day by day bussiness works (and why Adobe never bought you, or did they?). Now with GSAP you really should put your head out and talk more about Greensocks (club). I see you have now a google+ Page... without any Photos or glimpse behind the scenes. I would love to read more from greensocks. Now more then ever. Indy
  6. Mh, well. Then it has to be that way I guess. I will try to make my PHP Script throw HTTP Errors instead and try to Capture those with the onHTTPStatus. Or what would you do? I want to capture Errors from the server that I throw out of knowledge (Like: Request rejected because of a wrong GET-Parameter) and Errors that dont come from me but from the Code itself (A typical PHP Errors has soemthing between 100-200 Bytes, a MYSQL Errror has something between 150 and 500 Bytes). How can I track those errors? Now that I switched to SWFLoader by default (ByteArrays are nice, but nothing beats the power of rawContent), I get alot of Error-Messages that always say "Has wrong Type" on so on. What of the SWFLoader Events is able to say "Look, here is something that is not a SWF and I want you to know that your server responded with: MYSQL Error foo is not a Table of your Database" Indy
  7. Hi I have a usecase, where I use DataLoader to load binary Data. This way I'm always able to look into the incoming data like so: queue = new LoaderMax( { name:"mainQueue", autoLoad:true }); [...] var loader:DataLoader = new DataLoader("example.com/SESSIONSTRING", { name:someParameter, format: "binary", onComplete:dataCompleteHandler }); queue.append( loader ); [...] function assetCompleteHandler(e:LoaderEvent):void { var ba:ByteArray = LoaderMax.getLoader(e.target.name).content as ByteArray; //Validation here, like checking if it is long enough, if not, are the first 5 Bytes read as a String saying "ERROR" and the server gave an Error back. Or is it long enough, but to short to be sure, so there might be a Warning or PHP Error coming back from the Server, then display te bytearray as a String for me to read "unexpextd error on PHP Line...". I like handling with the raw ByteArray } This is all great, but I want to be able to then convert the Binary Data into a Movieclip. That does only seem to work when doing so: var mc:MovieClip = LoaderMax.getLoader(ID).rawContent as MovieClip; The Problem is, that only SWFLoader has the rawContent accessable. When using DataLoader I only have access to Content but not rawContent. My problem is this generally: When I use DataLoader, I can scoop into the ByteArray and do all kind of magic, but am not able to create a MC from the loaded Data. When I use SWFLoader, I can play with the Loaded SWF/MC with easy, but have no Access to the ByteArray. Am I missing something? How can I have both features? Being able to have a accessable SWF and being able to scroop the Data befor allowing it to be injected into my App? Indy
  8. +1 I would love to have a DynamicProps-Plugin too. Not only for mouse-position but also while resizing window screens. DynamicProps would be a great thing and I would love to see a portation of it to JS.
  9. Hey Jack Works like a charm. Thank you very much. For the curious: I attach my working code after this post GSAP Bezier Tween Sample Code with Autorotation.zip
  10. Arg shoot. I really hoped it was a problem with my code. I guess I have to wait then. Are you now removing the sentence "There are no known bugs (knock on wood)" on the frontpage? Thanks for your work. I come from a Flash developing background and love how easy you made the transition to JS for me. Keep it up.
  11. Hi I'm wondering why the autoRotate is not kicking in, when I use left and top values instead of x and y. The thing is, that with left and top I can absolutely define the position while with x and y I always have to calculate the offset to the next point. I've read somewhere in the Forum that there "was a regression in a recent version of BezierPlugin that caused autoRotate not to work properly". But I'm using the latest Version. Can you please have a look in my test.zip and tell me what I did wrong? Indyaner test.zip