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  1. OK good to know. I've been using GSAP for a long time and I found it confusing. Most TweenLite properties & functions are replicated in TweenMax so I kind of assumed TweenMax supported all TweenLite properties. also this docs page is confusing: https://greensock.com/docs/TweenMax/static.defaultOverwrite
  2. hi, It seems that TweenLite.defaultOverwrite = 'all'; does work, but TweenMax.defaultOverwrite = 'all'; does not. This can cause confusion. - Felix
  3. Hi Diaco, that works thanks! Gotta love !important.
  4. I need to completely disable Draggable's control of the cursor icon. This is so that I can use the grabby hands cursors where supported via CSS: .grabbable { cursor: move; /* fallback if grab cursor is unsupported */ cursor: grab; cursor: -moz-grab; cursor: -webkit-grab; } /* (Optional) Apply a "closed-hand" cursor during drag operation. */ .grabbable:active { cursor: grabbing; cursor: -moz-grabbing; cursor: -webkit-grabbing; } Is that possible? Thanks!
  5. Hi, is there a way to have GSAP set the position of a HTML element by its center point rather than its top-left corner? For example if I have a div that has width and height 100px, doing this sets the top left corner position to (500,500) not the center: TweenLite.to(myDiv,1,{x:500,y:500}); I can do it manually by calculating the size of the div and offsetting by that 1/2 that amount, but I'm lazy and wondering if it can be done automatically Thanks!
  6. Re performance on mobile devices, it's interesting that the speed test linked above runs better with GSAP (13fps) over Zepto (6 fps) on my iPad 1 in both Chrome and Safari.