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  1. i hava a big time line, over 20seg, i need this kind of custom ease <<2.5seg-Slow>><<15seg normal>><<2.5 - Slow>> if i change the time to 40seg, i would like <<2.5seg-Slow>><<35seg normal>><<2.5 - Slow>> is there a way to make it ?? ? i found it http://www.greensock.com/customease/ but is only for AS3
  2. I have an animation with 10 chapter with label each one, when finish all the animation y have button to jump in each chapter with "seek()", for example i jump from chapter 1 to 5 with seek('chapter_5'), but when i do it, the animation jump to chapter 5 but show also the chapter 1, chapter 2 3 and 4, So, how can i jump?? to chapter 5 and show only the chapter 5 ? var tl_EscenasControl = new TimelineMax({}); tl_EscenasControl.add('escena_1',0) tl_EscenasControl.add(control_escena1(),'escena_1') tl_EscenasControl.add('escena_2','+='+delayEntreEscenas) tl_EscenasControl.add(control_escena2(),'escena_2') tl_EscenasControl.add('escena_3','+='+delayEntreEscenas) tl_EscenasControl.add(control_escena3(),'escena_3') tl_EscenasControl.add('escena_4','+='+delayEntreEscenas) tl_EscenasControl.add(control_escena4(),'escena_4') i have button to jump in each chapter buton4.click... tl_EscenasControl.seek('escena_4') it jump to chapter 4 but also show the chapter 2 and 3 how can just jump to 4 ?? and dont show the 2 and 3
  3. thnak you !!! it works !!! : D this is the code tl_EscenasControl.add('escena_1',0) tl_EscenasControl.add(control_escena1(),'escena_1') tl_EscenasControl.add('escena_2','+='+delayEntreEscenas)// this way always is relative delay : D that is what i want tl_EscenasControl.add(control_escena2(),'escena_2') tl_EscenasControl.add('escena_3','+='+delayEntreEscenas) tl_EscenasControl.add(control_escena3(),'escena_3') i was tryd this way but i dont remenber why did not wonrk xD thank you again
  4. exist the way to do it? tl=new TimelineMax({paused:false, stagger:'delay_each_escena_2second'}); //add 3 animations with a 2 seconds relative delay each one tl.add(control_escena1())//start at second 0 tl.add(control_escena2())//start at second 2 tl.add(control_escena3())// start at second 4
  5. Thank you for your help, this is a short version of my code. this is how i need to work, i'm reading the doc and dont find the way to do. (sorry.my english is not so good) tl=new TimelineMax({paused:false}); //add 3 animations with a 2 seconds relative delay each one tl.add(control_escena1(),0)//start at second 0 tl.add(control_escena2(),'+=2')//start at second 2 tl.add(control_escena3(),'+=2')// start at second 4 //when the animation finish i have 3 buttons to jump in each animation, those work but no so well $(click_1).click(function(){ tl.seek(0) // or tl.play(0), it say to jump the second 1 and play }) $(click_2).click(function(){ tl.seek(2) // or tl.play(2), it say to jump the second 2 and play }) $(click_3).click(function(){ tl.seek(3) // or tl.play(3), it say to jump the second 3 and play }) // i wan to do it $(click_1).click(function(){ tl.seek('escena_1') // or tl.play('escena_1'), it say to jump until de escena_1 and play }) $(click_1).click(function(){ tl.seek('escena_2') // or tl.play('escena_2'), it say to jump until de escena_1 and play }) // but i dont know how add a label to say my button where to jump,it should be something like: tl.add(control_escena1(),'escena_1',0)//start at second 0 tl.add(control_escena2(),'escena_2','+=2')//start at second 2, and have his label to call with buttons and start here tl.add(control_escena3(),'escena_3','+=2')// start at second 4, and have his label to call with buttons and start here // i have tree animations added to the big time line function control_escena1() { animation= new TimelineMax() animations_escena_1_here return animation } function control_escena2() { animation= new TimelineMax() animations_escena_2_here return animation } function contro3_escena1() { animation= new TimelineMax() animations_escena_3_here return animation }
  6. Hi everyone i have this delayEntreEscenas=2// THIS WAY I MADE A DELAY tl_EscenasControl=new TimelineMax(//IT IS MY PARENT TIMELINE. { paused:false, onStart:onStart_escenas, onUpdate:onUpdate_escenas, onComplete:onComplete_escenas //align:'start', // WHY IT DONT WORK?? //stagger :5, WHY IT DONT WORK?? //delay :1 WHY IT DONT WORK?? }); tl_EscenasControl.add(control_escena1(),0)//I ADD THIS TIME LINE tl_EscenasControl.add(control_escena2(),'+='+delayEntreEscenas) //HERE IS MY VARIABLE DELAY . . . function control_escena2(){HERE IS MY SON TIMELINE} . . . i wanna .add a new time line with relative delay and add a new laber at time tl_EscenasControl.add(control_escena7(),'myFocusLabel', '+='+delayEntreEscenas) to do this tl_EscenasControl.play('myFocusLabel') i tryed this tl_EscenasControl.add(control_escena7(),'myFocusLabel+='+delayEntreEscenas) // DONT WORK i have 10 buttons to jump in tl_EscenasControl.play('myFocusEscena'). any idea?? Thank you